Texas Maniac
(Doctor, is it serious ?!?)

Name : ALCARAZ First names: Bruno (Michel)

Nicknames : Junior, balcar (on IRC, MSN Messenger), 26656817 (on ICQ), balcar75 (on Yahoo Messenger).

Texas Fever, Paris? 27/10/2001

Dhaka Street Children

James THE band

Ok, here is my little story...

I was born the 28th of August 1973,in Belfort, a town in the East of France very famous for its rock festival, Les Eurockéennes.

After living some years in Metz, Strasbourg and London I now live in Paris.

I worked for 2 years in a bank (back-office). And I also worked in the music world (lighting technician) during 10 years, and in a cybercafé in Paris called Le Webbar

I'm working now for the first french online bank Zebank (alias Zeproject).

What do I like ?
- food: Alsatian, Breton and Italian food.
-drinks: coke, beers (Budweiser, Heineken and all strong beers), old good whiskys, liqueurs.
- clothes: jeans, T-shirt, all black stuff (I'm 1m80).
- travels: all over Europe, thanks to Texas European Tours and some bands I had to work for !
- favourite artists: David Lynch, Villa (painter), Rick Mayall (British TV actor), Richard Bohringer (French actor & writer), Claire Danes, Katrin Fridriks (Happy Art).
- litterature: Raymond E. Feist : the best writer (1, 2).
- cult movies:Twin Peaks (1, 2, 3, 4), The Time Machine (1, 2, 3, 4), The Wall, Midnight Express, Witness, The Silence Of The Lambs (1, 2, 3), eXistenZ, The Arrival, Fight Club.
- favourite TV series:Twin Peaks, The Invaders, Star Trek (Next Generation, Deep Space 9), The Prisoner, V, NYPD Blue, Absolutely Fabulous, Seinfeld, My So Called Life, Friends, Mr Bean.
- radio: Visit Oui FM (Paris Rock Station), Radio FG (Paris Techno Station), or Radio Enghein.
- music: Subway, U2, James (1, 2), Simple Minds, Gus Gus, Geneva, Blur, Björk, Elastica, Stereophonics, Alpha Blondy, Oasis, K's Choice,Suede, Garbage, Sinead O'Connor, Stevie Ray Vaughan (1, 2), Luther Allisson, Ella Fitzgerald, Arno, Dead Can Dance, Jean-Louis Aubert, Mano Negra, Pixies, Dire Straits, Metallica, Morrissey, Radiohead, Sens Unik (Swiss Rap), J.S. Bach, Unun, Patti Smith, Sleeper, G.U.N, scottish bagpipies, Dan Ar Braz, Jean-Louis Murat, Saint Etienne, Rhoda Scott, Heather Nova, The Cure, Mano Solo, Morphine, all the House mouvement, but

TEXAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

London 1997

(Me and Sharleen, London, Royal Albert Hall, 06/05/97)

I discovered the hit "I Don't Want A Lover" in a fast-food during holidays in Paris
a day of April 1989, and it was a shock !
Then I got the chance to go to see them live at the New Morning, 22/05/89
(it was their first concert outside UK).

So I came back in Paris in December for the gigs at La Cigale. I had to wait for 8 months when they played at the Eurockéennes Festival in Belfort in July 90 (I still have the T-Shirt), the show was excellent !

Since the Mothers Heaven Tour in 1992 I was at almost all the concerts in France, sometimes alone, sometimes with other fans.
In 1997 I had the chance to meet other cool French fans to follow the band everywhere !
The result of my Texasmania is 52 Texas concerts since 1989, a lot of beers, some nights sleeping in stations or in hotel halls, long hours of queueing, but always the same pleasure !!!

Paris Bercy 1997

(Me and Sharleen, Paris, Bercy, 12/12/97)

Paris 1999

(Me and Ally, Paris, 22/11/99)

Enter my Texas Discography !!!

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So,that's enough for me now...

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