The 6th element...

As you probably know it already, it seems there is a new member in the band now, on stage for sure : a DJ! (Who would have thought that it could happen to Texas ???)

His name is Mark One, and he's from Manchester. He has started touring with Texas for this 'White On Blonde' tour since the first gig in UK, in November'97, at Newcastle Arena (the 23rd).

But, before Texas, Mark has worked on remixes for Nightmares on Wax, Pharcyde and Primal Scream. He was also a scratch DJ for Jeepbeat Collective. He just signed to Athletic Records.

The DJ's touch...

At the beginning of the tour, when we learned that a DJ(!!!) will be on stage, we were quite surprised... and really looked forward to see that !!!
But, what a nice surprise it was !!!
Mark was there on each song, but always very softly, very nicely... We really heard him on 'Halo' (at the beginning) and 'Say What You Want' essentially, and we really appreciated this new touch !

When we asked Sharleen how they met him, she answered us that in fact Mark knew their friends of Grand Central, who already collaborated with Texas on 'Good Advice'.

The Mark's look...

After the Birmingham's gig, the 29th of November, we talked a bit with Mark and took some pictures; and we're glad to present you the great Texas' DJ !!!

Mark 1 pics

During all the tour he didn't take his cap away, and had his bag on his back during the whole concert !!!

We all hope to see you, Mark, very soon... especially me !

a new pic from the same night !

"And you can scratch what you want..."
(Texas On Line, January'98)