(Original photo provided by 'Melody Maker', 03/01/98)

(Original photo provided by 'NME')

(Photo from the French TV show 'Nulle Part Ailleurs', September '97)

Delirium by Lionel Desousa.

Delirium by Daniel Wong.

Texas DesktopAlly DesktopJohnny Desktop

Sharleen DesktopSharleen Desktop 1

Desktops (800 X 600), a SHARLEEN-SCREENSAVER, and a Texas Desktop Theme made by Marco.

Texas Wall PaperTexas Wall PaperTexas Wall Paper

Wallpapers (800 X 600) made by Yun K. Park.


Delirium made by Lou Hunt.

Texas DesktopTexas Desktop

Texas DesktopTexas Desktop

Desktops made by Katrin Grollmisch.

Sharleen & AshleyVampires from ScotlandTexas on the road !

Dr Johnny !Jurassik Texas Land !

3 Sharleen Screensavers (I, II, III) and 2 Texas Screensavers (I, II).

Deliriums made by Katrin Grollmisch.

Sharleen soon in Star Wars ?!

Delirium made by Janina Braun.

Texas Watch

Click on the picture to download the Texas Watch created by Denis Gomez.


Delirium made by Zaneta Buncekova.


The very first video of 'Like Lovers Holding On' made by a fan, Pauline.
Download it. File : 4.5 Mo.

So Called Friend...    14 pics from the video

Download the very first Texas video, realised by Texas fans : So Called Friend

Spiteri On Line

Delirium made by Magali.

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