Texas singer, one-time GQ cover star and part-time buddy of New York rappers Wu-Tang Clan, opens up about Aston Martins, pubs and why necks are the sexiest part of the human body. Oh, and why she stutters before sex…

What are you doing on Saturday ?
It's Sainsbury's shopping day.
Downhill with the wind behind you – what's your favorite car ?
Land Rover Defender. That's what I've had for a long time now. No one messes with you when you're driving a Land Rover Defender and they especially don't mess with a woman who's driving one.
What will you never pay for ?
What's your favorite part of the human body ?
The back of the neck. It's a part of the body that people don't often see, but it's very sensitive. Well, mine is anyway. You know that bit where your neck joins your shoulder, just in the little duct that goes in where your collarbone is? That bit there as well. Because my father'' Italian, I was never allowed short hair – in Italian tradition it's not well-mannered for a woman to show her neck because it is such a sensual part of the body. Now I keep stretching my neck trying to show it off.
How did you lose your virginity ?
The same way as everyone else. On my back.
What would you most like to inherit ?
A chateau in France. Well, my grandmother's French so maybe there's someone going to die at some point and leave me a chateau. I can live in hope, can't I ?
Who's your favourite cover girl ?
Jane Birkin. She was amazing. She always looked like she was just standing there and someone took her photograph, which I liked. So she's a true cover girl to me.
007. Which Bond and which gadget ?
Sean Connery, definitely. Roger Moore was a right smarmy bastard, whereas Connery just had it. The gadget would be the Aston Martin in Goldfinger with the ejector seat. I'd love an ejector seat fitted in my car 'cos I could have used it so many times.
If it's no longer Frank's world, whose world is it ?
It belongs to us all.
Tell us a trade secret.
I'll probably get dropped for this: record executives come and go.
What's the sexiest word in the English language ?
“No.” Somebody said to me it's “Yeah” and I went, “Nah, the sexiest word is definitely 'no'”.
When does flirting become foreplay ?
When I begin to stutter. When I lose the plot and can't even get a word out of my mouth properly. I lose my cool. It's like, “Oh no, I'm stuttering, it's going to happen!” It can put people off as well.
Who would play you in your biopic?
Mike Myers. I'd just like him to play me to kid on I was that funny. He's in the Madonna video and at the end they're on the car and Madonna's putting her chest in his face and he goes: “Young lady, you are going to get a smacked bottom.” And she goes: “I hope so.” He's just really funny.
What's the worst thing someone's said to you ?
I was in a restaurant and the waiter said: “Ms Spiteri, I must say you're a lot smaller in real life.” I was like, “So are you.” Still, he could have said I looked bigger.
What is the best hotel in the world ?
My mum's house.
In all bars in all the world, which is your favorite ?
There's a place in Scotland near Ullapool, it's called Ashiltibuie. It's a little bar and it's great. Nobody cares who you are or what you've done and everyone just has a really good time. You can go wild and forget about it the next day.
When would you liked to have lived ?
I think I'd probably have liked to have been a ganster in the Thirties. Just for the clothes and for the hanging out. They always had the nicest cars and the best suits and ate the best food, too.
Where and when were you most embarrassed ?
We did a gig in France, in Lyon and I walked on stage and said “Good evening, Bordeaux !”
Given the choice, which work of art would you most like to own ?
I live in hope that one day I will own Angel by Ron Mueck. Mueck's the guy who did special effects and then went into sculpting. Angel is this tiny man and he's got little, tiny hairs and little fingernails and this beautiful set of wings. He's amazing. I'd like to have him sitting on top of my book shelves. People wouldn't notice and then they'd look up and see this wee angel.
Whose face should appear on the 100 pound note ?
Les Battersby from Coronation Street, the one who always shouts really loud. He's the most obnoxious guy in the world.
You can pass one law…
Safety surfaces in playgrounds.
What's your biggest extravagance ?
Pure amber oil. I use it as perfume. Just a little dab of that makes you feel really, really nice and it relaxes you if you're tired or uptight.
Your favorite item of clothing is what ?
My dirty old jeans. I like old Levi's. They're just absolutely filthy. I don't have to put them in the cupboard, they just get up and walk on their own. It's kind of like a piece of comfort clothing. I walk through airports in them and people go, “Oh my God !”
What's the best record ever made ?
Depends on my mood. Marvin Gaye's “Sexual Healing” from Midnight Love or Al Green's “L-O-V-E (Love)”.
Make us an offer we can't refuse ?
Come back to mine for tea and pasties. I think that's an offer that no one can refuse.
You would like to be remembered as what ?
A great songwriter/singer. And a great pasty maker. I'd just like to be remembered as great. I'm not asking for much, am I ?

By Roger Morton
Taken from "GQ Magazine", August 1999.
Transcription by Sophie van Rooijen.