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1. Was it difficult to knuckle down and record this new album after the success of "White On Blonde" ?   Listen to it !

2. Did you feel very cynical when people suddenly paid you loads of attention when they'd been conspicuous by their absence during the preceding years ?   Listen to it !

3. What are your best memories of "White On Blonde" success ?   Listen to it !

4. Do you feel you've moved on musically from "White On Blonde" ?   Listen to it !

5. You seem to be taking your musical inspiration from many different sources on "The Hush".   Listen to it !

6. Of course Abba are enjoying a huge revival right now - were you into them first time around ?   Listen to it !

7. Do you think that all today's music inevitably reflects sounds and styles of the past ?   Listen to it !

8. What new stuff are you listening to these days and does that influence your music ?   Listen to it !

9. What were the advantages of getting Mark "Spike" Stent in to mix the album after Johnny had produced it ?   Listen to it !

10. As half of songwriting duo, what songwriting partnership do you really admire ?   Listen to it !

11. How does your writing partnership with Johnny work ?   Listen to it !

12. Could you ever see yourselves writing for other artists ?   Listen to it !

13. There's a lot to this job apart from making music - how do you feel about all the rest of the stuff you have to do ?   Listen to it !

14. Do you feel confident about letting others contribute their creative expertise to your work and is keeping control of all that something of a juggling act ?    Listen to it !

16. What made you decide to give in to being the official spokesperson for Texas ?   Listen to it !

17. What has success meant to you ?   Listen to it !

18. During the "White On Blonde" era your face was suddenly everywhere - how do you feel about that exposure aspect of fame ?   Listen to it !

20. How do you feel about recent fans who've got into your music because they see you as Texas ?   Listen to it !

21. Do you keep a close eye on fashion ?   Listen to it !

22. Do you still enjoy touring ?   Listen to it !

23. When you're on the road, what are you doing while the guys are out partying ?   Listen to it !

24. Does touring wreck your love life ?   Listen to it !

25. Did the experience of being apart inspire the song "Day After Day" ?    Listen to it !

26. Are sexy lyrics hard to write ?    Listen to it !

27. How would you sum up the mood of "The Hush" ?   Listen to it !

29. What do you think of people dissecting their lyrics ?   Listen to it !

30. Can you tell me about the idea behind the man and boy lyric in "The Saint" ?   Listen to it !

31. What gave you the inspiration for the Chinese melody on "In Our Lifetime" ?   Listen to it !

32. What was it like working with Kathy "Sister" Sledge on the remix ?   Listen to it !

33. How did you get Roger Sanchez to do the remix ?   Listen to it !

34. Tell me about the vocal style of "Tell Me The Answer" ?   Listen to it !

36. Let's talk about "Summer Son" - why is that song special to you ?   Listen to it !

37. Finally in just a few words - how would you describe "The Hush" ?   Listen to it !

38. And how would you describe Texas ?   Listen to it !

Interview by Mariella Frostrup / Post-production by Sally Stratton. April 1999.
Taken from 'The Hush - Interview disc' (UK promo CD, TEXINT1).

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