NAME: Wilson



PLACE OF BIRTH: Manchester, UK

t]e]x[a[s INSTRUMENT(S): drums

Live Eiffel, May 99

After Stuart Kerr, Richard Hynd, Texas have a new drummer. Myke joined the band in the begining of 1999, and we start seeing him during the promotion of 'The Hush'. For the recording of the album, Richard collaborated on one track, but the rest of the drums was made by drums machine essentially.

Myke, Bruno et Delphine!

Myke played his first french concert at the Eiffel Tower, the 11th of May 99, date of The Hush's release in France. As nobody knew him at this moment, we could talk to him for a while and take this fabulous picture! ;-)

He told us that, before joining Texas, he played for Lamb and other bands; but you'll know more about all this when we'll get back the questionnaire we made for him !

For now, enjoy these very rare pics of Myke in exclusivity on Texas On Line !

Hit Machine fin 99Werchter 99

Come back soon to view the Myke's questionnaire!

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Exclusive pics from TOL !