Not married (for the moment...). He actually lives at Langside, in Glasgow.
Check out the 'Links Road' to see what he loves, except beers and wine !

Ally made a fashion parade for the French model-designer Corinne Cobson in Paris.

He has a very special way of walking !
He's a bloody awful driver (according to the rest of the band who are still alive !!!)
He has the world's worst tatoo (done on his first trip to London) :
it's a car, possibly a Cadillac but it's hard to tell !

He would like to ride on the Space Shuttle...





"A lot of people, when you say Texas, they went "oh, yeah, I don't want a lover..."
and now, it's like 'Lover' and 'Say What You Want'...
So, it's cool, there's a long time between them;
it means that we've survived and we've lasted a long time."
('Everyday Now', Vol.3 N1, May 1997)

"We've always been more concentrated in Europe,
because that's just where we come from." ('Everyday Now', Vol.3 N1, May 1997)



"I'm the youngest in the band
and I'm the one who does stupid things, makes stupid mistakes,
so I give everyone a laugh." ('Q magazine', July 1997)

"For me, ever since I was young,
all I ever did was spend all my money on music, buying guitars
and music is like the main connection in my life."
('Everyday Now', Vol.3 N1, May 1997)

"Half an hour before the gig I'll have a couple of beers."
('Everyday Now', Vol.3 N1, May 1997)



"Sharleen is the singer and in fact people would want to look at Sharleen
more than they would want to look at us, anyway..."
('Everyday Now', Vol.3 N1, May 1997)

"She's naturally outgoing and funny and stylish,
she's always been into style.
I don't want her to hear this, but I'm really proud of her,
of what she's done since she went for it big time."
('Q magazine', July 1997)



The Stone Roses, David Bowie, Blondie, Iggy Pop,
Rolling Stones, The Clash, En Vogue,
Perry Farrel, Dinosaur Jr, Dr Dre, Jayhawks,
and many many more...



Ally often wears a shirt, or T-shirt with a jean;
baskets most of the time.
(Please : if anyone knows more about the fashion parade
he made for Corinne Cobson in Paris, let me know)



- Wembley Stadium 1989
- Amsterdam Paradiso 1989
- Paris Znith 1994
- Glasgow Barrowlands ("everytime !!!")
- LA Roxy 1989 ("my 21st birthday !")


During this last part of the European tour, we decided to make a questionnaire for the band... We asked them around 10 questions, and they all answered very quickly and very nicely. So, to you, TEXAS, A BIG THANK YOU !!! You're great !
We gave them the questionnaire on the 12th of December, at Bercy, and lucky us, they gave it us back the next day, in Leuven !!!

So, have a look on the Ally's questionnaire and his alphabet !


Ally at the first floor of Eiffel Tower, Paris (11/05/99)

27 May 1999, Ally was on line for a chat with fans, take a look at the transcript.


Ally before and after the recording of a french TV show (Hit Machine) in Paris, October 1999.

Ally Desktop

Download this beautiful Ally desktop (created by Marco, an italian fan).

To be continued... (you want to know why Ally is an Alien ? Ask Sharleen if you see her...:-) )