27 May 1999 Guitarist Andy McErlaine came online at to chat with fans about playing deep in the heart of Texas. The band, that is...

Gill Phillips asks: "Did you feel any pressure with this album after the success of White On Blonde ?"
Ally says: "The pressure was more from ourselves rather than externally - we wanted to make this album better musically."
Miss Thang asks: "Are you proud of The Hush ? And how is it different from other stuff you've done ?"
Ally says: "Yes obviously - we are really proud of it. I think we're quite mature as a band and it's the first professionally complete album. We're still going to try even more. We recorded the album is Sharleen's house. I've got lots of new guitar pedals like Voodoo Vibes, Microverbs and lots of bizarre things. We used a lot Protools on this album - it's really different."
Jimmy Page asks: "I really love your music. What's your main inspiration for your work ?"
Ally says: "I don't think there's really one main inspiration - we've always been trainspotters. Everything from Marvin Gaye to Led Zeppelin. We go to clubs and stuff still keep on top of new things. I think any band has always got reference points of bands and music that they really love."
Lee Peel asks: "Did you enjoy working with the Wu Tang Clan ?"
Ally says: "Yeah - that was an amazing experience because they come from such a different world from us. It was an amazing learning experience for us to see people recording hip hop. It's almost like they're not scared of the equipment. Sometimes it's easy to become scared and wary of samples but they just go for it - it's very spontaneous. Our manager got to know the Wu Tang's manager really well - that's how it started."
Carly Ennis asks: "Do you get fed up with Sharleen becoming the focal point of the group ?"
Ally says "Oh no - I'm glad ! We get time off while Sharleen's doing the interviews. I think that we look back at old photographs of the band and it's quite embarrassing really ! Sharleen's always so much better at looking good !"
Bork Foster asks: "In the Wu-Tang version of Say What You Want, there's a really horrible clashing chord. Did it make you wince when you first heard it ?"
Ally says: "I know what he means ! He should have heard it before we cleaned it up ! I think that's the Wu Tang way though ! We get quite a lot of mixes done and we only ever put it out when it's brilliant. I would quite like Sonic Youth or someone to do some mixes. I think it's just quite good to do stuff that people don't expect us to do."
Virginie asks: "Sharleen said that you are working on the Internet site. What is your exact contribution to it ?"
Ally says: "Just basically sitting in with Gary - who does the site. I'd say hello but I think he's on his way over ! I use the Internet a lot - mostly to buy CD's and DVD's from America. What I love most is being able to get the Daily Record online every morning - get the footie results and stuff"
Simon Davies asks: "Did you watch the European Cup game last night ?"
Ally says: "Yes I did see the footie..."
Marooner asks: "...Are you going to see The Phantom Menace ?"
Ally says: "...and yes I am going to see The Phantom Menace ! I'm gutted because we were going to go to New York next week but it's been cancelled. I would have been able to see it before anyone else !"
Mandy asks: "What's the first thing you do after getting home from touring ?"
Ally says: "The first thing I do is go to the shop and buy the Daily Record. I get a roll and scrambled egg from the cafe next door and go home and watch TV all night."
Madison asks: "What does it feel like chatting to loads on the net ?"
Ally says: "It's my first time ! It's quite an exciting experience ! I think we're going to try and put a chatroom on our site. I'm going to put comments up over the next few weeks. We get a lot of fan emails and we always try and reply - it might take a couple of months but we do try !"
Warren asks: "Have you got a PlayStation ? If yes, tell me what are your favourite games and why ?"
Ally says: "Yes I've got a Play Station ! My favourite game is MDK - it's the only one I've ever been able to finish !"
Not-Braveheart asks: "What do you wear under your kilt ?"
Ally says: "Ummmm I'm from Glasgow and it's far too cold to wear a kilt - I've never even tried one on !"
Rick Road asks: "Are you doing any concerts in Southampton in the near future ?"
Ally says: "No we're not - the nearest one is probably Brighton or London at the end of October."
Madison asks: "Do you get asked about Chris Evans a lot ?"
Ally says: "No - that's the first time ! Actually yes we do."
Droitwich asks: "What's the weirdest gig you've played ?"
Ally says: "We played a gig in the really early days - up in Scotland in Elgin before the gig started they let too many people in and there was a massive riot and we couldn't play. That was the maddest anyway.."
Madison asks: "Do you think maintaining a rapport with fans is an essential part of being famous ?"
Ally says: "Yeah ...the first thing is I don't consider myself to be famous. Sharleen's famous but I see myself as musician more than anything else. Wherever we play we see the same faces and that's brilliant, especially in Europe - there's people that have been coming for 10 years..."
Messy Eater asks: "What's best, a loud guitar or a pumping bass line ?"
Ally says: "Oh that's a hard question. Pumping bass lines are alright but guitars are essential !"
Chainsaw Massacre asks: "What's the biggest disappointment of your life ?"
Ally says: "I don't know. I think I've been quite lucky."
Carl Douglas asks: "How big is your love ?"
Ally says: "Is your love your love ?!" says: "That is all we have time for I'm afraid. Thanks for chatting Ally !"
Ally says: "I thought I wasn't going to get any because you'd all want to speak to Sharleen !! Check out the Texas website on Thanks very much for asking me questions."

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