Vertigious Tour     
Paris, Eiffel Tower, 11/05/99

A prestigious place for a prodigious band !

May 11th, 1999: the fifth album of Texas, 'The Hush', is released in France.
For this special occasion, a special event in the capital: a showcase at the first floor of the Eiffel Tower ! 200/300 special guests were invited to see the band live, for their coming back in France.

Invitation          Invitation

20h15: before the concert, a mini-cocktail. Time for us to meet some fans, and to take some pics with Mykey, the new drummer.

the drummer !!

21h00: lights off, the band is coming on stage: Eddie, Ally, Mykey, Johnny, Mark One, Tony, and Sharleen, all in jeans.

"C'est super d'être à Paris ce soir!"

'Tell Me The Answer' started the show, a very expected show : we discovered the hush live. Very good performance : perfect sound, the band were ok and happy, for sure. And as we were over excited, it was a super ambiance, all the fans (few persons) dancing, jumping... They played Halo and Black Eyed Boy and to remind the last tour. And to finish: In Our Lifetime and the so good Say What you Want, not on the setlist.



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