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The guitarist from Scottish band Texas is fighting for his life in hospital after suffering a brain haemorrhage.
I hope Ally will be fine very soon

Let's think/pray for him, and for his wife, Shelly.
More news here.

Why do you keep coming here ??
This website will never be updated again, and the big audio & video files aren't online anymore.
I just lost enough time with this so-called band...

DON'T buy official releases, Universal & co have enough money...
GO to see your favourite bands in concert, money will go to the band.
FUCK Universal and all the big stealing record companies.

Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) said : "And about bootlegs: "In the words of Keith Richards, 'If you ain't being bootlegged, you ain't happenin'.'"

The French House : Steve Washington en concert Paris 
The Scoops Corner : Steve Washington on tour in France and in the UK 

The Discography Lane : some more bootlegs covers added 

The Band Place : reorganisation of the Sharleen's page & 3 new 2003 pictures added 

The Links Road : a new fan site added 
The Discography Lane : more bootlegs covers added 

The Scoops Corner : the report of the return of Sharleen on stage in 2003 

The Scoops Corner : Sharleen back on stage in 2003 

The Band Place : the 2 pictures of Sharleen and Misty from the Now magazine 

The Forum Avenue : another ad in the Market Place 

The Forum Avenue : one new ad in the Market Place 

Texas Fever 2 : Ouverture du Forum/Guestbook de la Texas Fever 2 / Opening of the Texas Fever 2 Forum/Guestbook 

The French House : ouverture du forum francophone !!! 

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