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A special event for the Texas fans : 'Texas Fever 2' !!!

Where ? In Paris, France, at the 'Divan du Monde'.
When ? On Sunday 10th November 2002.
Visit the 'Texas Fever' website for more informations.

Texas Fever 2002

Steve Washington on tour in France and in the UK in June 2003

Tracie Hunter, the english singer, will do some gigs in France and in the UK during June 2003.
The drummer of the band is Steve Washington, who was the drummer on the 2001 Texas Greatest Hits tour.
Check the Tracie Hunter website for gigs dates and pictures of Steve Washington :

Sharleen back on stage in 2003 !

Sharleen Spiteri teamed up with Elton John in her first public appearance since giving birth to four month old Misty Kyd last year.
Sir Elton John and Oscar-winning star Kevin Spacey performed a series of duets at a star-studded charity concert in London on Wednesday 5th February 2003.
They ran through some of the flamboyant musician's biggest hits to raise cash for the Old Vic Theatre in London, where the show takes place - with tickets up to £1000.
Sharleen Spiteri was one of the special guests and performed an Elton John song Tiny Dancer.

London, Old Vic Theatre, 05/02/2003 London, Old Vic Theatre, 05/02/2003 London, Old Vic Theatre, 05/02/2003

Sharleen is a mother.

Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri has given birth to a daughter at a London hospital, her spokesman has confirmed.
Misty Kyd Heath was born on Monday night at 2328BST at the St John and Elizabeth Hospital in St John's Wood, weighing 8lb 7oz.
Her spokesman said: "Both mother and baby are doing well.
" Spiteri announced last year she and Texas - famous for hits like Black Eyed Boy and Summer Sun - were taking a break from touring, and spoke about how she and partner Ashley Heath wanted to start a family. [from the BBC News].
Congratulations to Sharleen and Ashley !!!

Sharleen won't play in "Three Blind Mice".

Due to scheduling conflicts (???), Sharleen Spiteri had to drop out of the film "Three Blind Mice". She was replaced by the young British actress Emilia Fox.

Some big news about Ally

Ally gave an interview for 'So Called Friends' the Texas fan-club :
-he got married with Shellie on the 5th of October 2001;
-he's been working on its own band called “The Formulas” (after "Memory Man", then "Diamond Dogs") at the moment;
-he's been playing guitar on the new “Rufus Wainright" album.

Texas are taking a break from touring for two years.

Sharleen Spiteri announced the news onstage at the V2001 festival in Chelmsford.
The announcement has fuelled speculation that the singer is either planning to start a family or pursue an acting career.
The Daily Record reports that Sharleen, 33, told fans: "You've been great to Texas over the last couple of years but this is the last time you're going to see us play for a long while. We're going away for about two years and then we'll be back with a new record."
Speaking about her long separations from her partner Ashley Heath due to her touring commitments with Texas, Sharleen once said: "I really hope I can have a family and it won't be too far away. But for Ashley and me to have a child, it would have to be the immaculate conception.
"When I'm away, I'm in a dozen different countries and Ashley is back at home or away at work. When I am on a long tour, it makes it impossible for us to have children or contemplate children."
[News from Ananova UK - 20/08/2001].

The Greatest Hits !!!

Release date : 23/10/2000 with 3 new tracks.

The Greatest Hits

Track-listing :

1. I Don't Want A Lover
2. In Demand
3. Say What You Want
4. Summer Son
5. Inner Smile
6. So In Love With You
7. Black Eyed Boy
8. So Called Friend
9. Everyday Now
10. In Our Lifetime
11. Halo
12. Guitar Song
13. Prayer For You
14. When We Are Together
15. Put Your Arms Around Me
16. Say What You Want (All Day Every Day) feat Method Man and RZA

A limited edition has on a second cd these tracks :

1.Say What You Want - Rae and Christian Mix
2.Summer Son - Giorgio Moroder Alternative 12"
3.Black Eyed Boy - Trailermen Black Eyed Disco Mix
4.In Our Lifetime - Jules' Disco Trip Mix
5.In Demand - Sunship Mix
6.Put Your Arms Around Me - Weatherall's Electric for Bird Mix
7.I Don't Want A Lover - video
8.Halo - video
9.In Demand - video

The canadian version is called Song Book.    Song Book

A new version of the Greatest Hits has been released in France on November 30th 2001.
The cover is the same, there's a brand new track : I Don't Want A Lover (2001 Stargate Mix), and the album is in a slipcase.

In Demand

The first single is In Demand performed live for the first time in Ipswich (UK) for the Radio 1 One Big Sunday roadshow on the 13/08/2000. Release date : 02/10/2000 (UK).

In Demand

*CD 1 : "In Demand", "Early Hours", "Like Lovers (Holding On)" & "In Demand" (Video), catalogue number MERCD 528.
*CD 2 : "In Demand" (US Mix), "In Demand" (Sunship Remix), "In Demand" (Wookie Remix) & "In Demand" (Sunship dub), catalogue number MERDD 528.

Inner Smile

The second single is Inner Smile. Release dates : 08/01/2001 (UK), 15/01/2001 (Germany, Holland), 22/01/2001 (France), 05/03/2001 (Australia).

British cd's :
*CD 1 : Inner Smile, Inner Smile (Extended 12 Mix), Inner Smile (Video), Across The Universe (Live on Channel 4), catalogue number MERCD 531.
*CD 2 : Inner Smile, Inner Smile (Jules Club Radio Mix), Inner Smile (Stonebridge Classic House Mix, Inner Smile (Rae & Christian Basement Mix), catalogue number MERDD 531.

European cd's :
*CD 1 : Inner Smile, Inner Smile (Stonebridge Classic House Mix), Tired Of Being Alone, Across The Universe, Inner Smile (The Video), catalogue number : 572772-2.
*CD 2 : Inner Smile, Summer Son (Live Glasgow 19/09/2000), Say What You Want (Live Glasgow 19/09/2000), I Don't Want A Lover (Live Glasgow 19/09/2000), catalogue number : 572773-2.

Inner Smile Promo CD coverInner Smile CD 1Inner Smile CD 2

Inner Smile

I Don't Want A Lover - 2001 Mix

Texas re-released their first single I Don't Want A Lover.
Release dates : 09/07/2001 (UK, South Africa), 18/07/2001 (Holland), mid July 2001 (Canada), 17/09/2001 (Germany).
The band decided the track needed to be revamped and re-issued following the reaction it received during recent live shows, reports Dotmusic.
Sharleen says: "That song has been such a phenomenon on our Greatest Hits Tour. Concert crowds have always loved that song, but this year I Don't Want A Lover has suddenly taken on this whole new dimension."
"Maybe for a while the song was a bit of an albatross for Texas, but now we're playing huge arenas absolutely everywhere and it's just emerged as this massive celebratory highlight of our current live set."
The band's Greatest Hits collection has now sold five million copies worldwide.
The re-release of I Don't Want A Lover will also feature the band's new track Mr Superwrong.
A limited-edition version of the CD will include some live highlights from Texas' biggest worldwide tour to date.

British cd's :
*CD 1 : I Don't Want A Lover (2001 Mix), Superwrong, I Don't Want A Lover 2001 (Stonebridge Bed Mix), I Don't Want A Lover 2001 (Video) + a poster, catalogue number MERDD 533.
*CD 2 : I Don't Want A Lover (Live Paris 2001), Summer Son (Live Paris 2001), Suspicious Minds (Live Paris 2001), catalogue number MERCD 533.
You can order these CD's at Amazon UK.

I Don't Want A Lover 2001I Don't Want A Lover 2001

Guitar Song

The track Guitar Song was finally released, only in Belgium on December 2001 14th.
If you don't live in Belgium, you can order it on Proxis.

Guitar Song Belgian CD Single

Greatest Hits Tour Video/DVD

The band worked on the tapes of the first parisian concerts (04/04/2001) for a video/DVD release.
The international release date (including UK) is 20/11/2001 (except for Germany : 26/11/2001, France : 30/11/2001).
Below are the cover of the UK promotionnal version, the french promotionnal poster which will be next week in FNAC stores, the definitive UK and french versions.

Texas Paris DVD - UK promo versionTexas Paris DVD - French versionTexas Paris DVD - UK versionTexas Paris DVD - UK versionTexas Paris DVD - version France

Tracklisting (total : 84 min. 24 sec.):
In Demand, Black Eyed boy, Halo, In Our Lifetime, Guitar Song, Insane, Tired Of Being Alone, So In Love With You, Prayer For You, I Don't Want A Lover, When We Are Together, Summer Son, Inner Smile, Suspicious Minds, Say What You Want.

Extras of the DVD :
Video promo clips for the following tracks from The Greatest Hits album : In Demand, Black Eyed Boy, Halo, In Our Lifetime, Tired Of Being Alone, So In Love With You, Prayer For You, I Don't Want A Lover, When We Are Together, Summer Son, Inner Smile, Say What You Want. Live footage of Summer Son from the Madonna Show at Brixton Academy, February. Exclusive interview footage with Sharleen.

   Click on the picture for more

Nothing To Prove, Roger Sanchez feat. Sharleen Spiteri

Nothing To Prove, the track from Roger Sanchez, featuring Sharleen Spiteri (that you've been able to listen to exclusively here 2 monthes before it was released), will be finally released in UK on 04/03/02 as the third single from the Roger Sanchez album First Contact.
A video is scheduled. Only the 12" have been released. Here are the different mixes which appear on the vinyl : 01 - Club Mix (05:29), 02 - Timo Maas Club Mix (06:51), 03 - Neanderthal Dark Ages Mix (08:16), 04 - Silicon Soul Remix (08:27), 05 - Dean Coleman (07:05).
Check the e-flyer from Defected Records.

A Texas Tribute show in Glasgow

The Glasgow Pavilion Theatre presented on Sunday 7th October 2001 a Shania Twain & Texas Tribute.

TV, Radio & Internet news...

*Couleur 3, the swiss music radio, broadcasted on Saturday 26th January 2002 the Texas concert recorded at the Paleo Festival de Nyon (Switzerland) on 24th July 2001.

*Texas was in competition with Madonna on the french radio station RTL2 on Tuesday 22nd January 2002 in the Match Live show beetween 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm (CET). But for some 'hacking' reasons (...) Madonna won, so no Texas concert tonight on the radio.

*A special 'Sounds Of The Cities - Glasgow' on VH1 UK on Tuesday 27th November and on Friday 30th November 2001.

*People in UK had an other chance to watch the latest parisian concert in Bercy (22/04/2001) on Channel 4 on Wednesday 7th November 2001.

*V2001 on UK TV : the very best of V2001 live from Hylands Park, Chelmsford was screened on UK by the ITV network on Friday 19th October 2001 and included an extract of the Texas performance.

*The french radio RTL2 broadcasted a 20min concert on Monday 1st October 2001.

*V2001 on the Internet : 2 tracks (I Don't Want A Lover and Inner Smile) available free on 26/9/01, 24/10/01 & 21/11/01 on Wembley TV.

*An old appearance of Texas at 'Top Of The Pops' was on TOTP2 on Wednesday 15th August on BBC2.

*Listen to some extracts of the Paleo Festival concert here.

*Texas were on Top Of The Pops for 'I Don't Want A Lover 2001' on BBC1 on Friday 20th July 2001.

TOTP 2001

*Highlights from T In The Park 2001 with performance from Texas were on BBC2 in UK on Friday 13 July 2001.

*The lastest parisian concert in Bercy has been broadcasted on Channel 4 in UK on Saturday 16th June 2001.

*The dutch radio Radio 3 broadcasted the concert recorded in Amsterdam (25/03/2001) on Wednesday 13th June.

*30 seconds of the new video of I Don't Want A Lover 2001 have been shown on CD:UK this weekend in UK.

*Texas performed the new version of I Don't Want A Lover on The National Lottery Stars on Saturday 2nd June 2001 on BBC1.

*The belgian TV channel La Deux broadcasted on Wednesday 18th of April 2001 the concert recorded in Cologne'99.

*The 9th February concert at Wembley had to be recorded for a webcast on Wembley TV, but it was cancelled.

*The 1999 Cologne concert was broadcasted on the german TV channel Sat 1 on Sunday 11th March 2001 from 1.35 am 'till 3.10 am (very early time !).

*VH1 UK showed one more time the Ten Of The Best - Sharleen Spiteri on Saturday 10th March 2001.

*Texas were nominated at the Brit Awards 2001 in the 'Best British Video' category.
The show was recorded on 26th February 2001 in London, and broadcasted on ITV on 27th February 2001.
Once again, Texas lost, Robbie Williams won the award for 'Rock DJ'.

*Texas were in 'Later With Jools Holland' (on BBC Prime) on Friday 26th of January 2001.

*VH1 UK showed the 'Greastest Hits of Texas' on Wednesday 24th January 2001.

*Texas were in 'Top Of The Pops' with Inner Smile on BBC1 from Friday 20th January 2001.

*Texas were in 'Giga' on NBC Germany on Thursday 18th January 2001.

*On Thursday 18th January 2001 the band was on Viva the German music TV.
Sharleen did do a small chat on the website of the webshow Interactiv. Then the band was in the TV show Interactiv.

*Texas were MTV Germany in 'Select MTV' on Wednesday 17th January 2001.

*Sharleen was the guest of 'CD UK' on Saturday 13th January.

Sharleen @ CDUK

*Sharleen was the guest of 'The Richard Blackwood Show' on Channel 4 (UK) on Thursday 11th January 2001.

*The belgian TV channel RTBF2 broadcasted on Monday 8th January the concert recorded in Cologne'99.

*Texas was in 'Live and Kicking' on BBC1 on Saturday 6th January 2001. They performed 'Inner Smile' and you were able to ask questions to Sharleen.

*Sharleen was the special guest of 'GMTV' on ITV on Friday 5th Jan; the band performed 'Inner Smile'.

*A concert recorded in Paris on November 22 was broadcasted on December 31 2000 and on Friday 5th Jan 2001 on RTL2 (french radio). Details of this concert in the 'Past Concerts' page.

*In UK, Channel 4 showed the Capital Christmas Live recorded in London on December 24.

*A selection of performances from Texas on Later With Jools Holland, including In Our Lifetime, Tell Me The Answer and Summer Son on BBC Choice on Wednesday December 20.

*Sharleen was in Ten Of The Best on VH1 on Wednesday December 13 2000.

*Some extracts of the Smash Hits Pollwinners Party with Texas performing Black Eyed Boy on BBC1 on Sunday December 10.

*Texas performed live Inner Smile on BBC1 on National Lottery on Saturday December 9.

*Texas were in the edition of Celebrity for 1 minute on Monday December 4 on ITV.

*The new video of Inner Smile was shown on Top Of The Pops on BBC1 on Friday December 1.

About this video Sharleen said "People are always going on about my image change so this time I really went for it."

*Texas Greatest Hits were on VH1 on Tuesday 28 Nov.

*Texas was in a special charity show 'Children In Need' on BBC1 on Friday November 17.

*Texas was in 'Big Brother TFI Friday' on November 17 on Channel 4.

*A special Texas program in the Bassment on TMF Belgium on Wednesday November 15.

*Sharleen and the boys were in the Harald Schmidt Show on Sat 1 (german satellite tv) on Friday November 10 2000.

*Texas was on 'Later with Jools Holland' on BBC2 on Saturday 4th Nov.

Texas @ Later

They played In Demand, Private Number (a duet with William Bell) and Say What You Want.

*On Saturday 4th of November on the dutch TV TMF, a special 4 hours program will show the Pepsipop who took place in Arnhem on 21/10/2000.

*Sharleen was be the presenter of the MTV's Greatest Hits Weekend this Saturday and Sunday.

*A 1 hour special Texas on Canvas the belgian TV, in the Plankenkoorts show on Saturday 21th October.

*Sharleen was on the Kirsty Wark show on BBC1 Scotland on Friday 20 Oct.

*A special Texas program for the Warchild Festival on the dutch radio station Radio 2 on Friday 20th October (the show was recorded in Hilversum on 11/10/00).
You had the chance to listen to the concert from Glasgow (31/05/99), to an exclusive interview and to 2 acoustic songs (In Demand and Summer Son).
Click on the picture below to see the other pictures.

Sharleen on Radio 2    (Many thanks to Sharon & Natasha Wegh for the pictures !)

*Texas was on Top Of The Pops on BBC1 on Friday 13th Oct to perform In Demand.

Top Of The Pops October 2000

*The promotionnal concert in Glasgow was broadcasted live by Radio Clyde on the Internet on the 19/09/2000.

Press news...

*A book about Texas has been released in June 2002 in France. It's called 'Texas de A à Z' (Texas from A to Z).
It's written in french (122 pages), no pictures inside. It's about the story, the carreer and the discography of Texas.
You can order it (cost in France : 5€) on Amazon France.


*Sharleen is on the cover of the December 2001 UK edition of Marie Claire with an interview and pictures in it. Check her page for the pictures from this magazine.

Marie Claire UK December 2001

*Sharleen is on the cover of the italian magazine 'Tribe Generation', edition of August 2001.
There's a free cd-rom with the magazine, including sounds, videos and a biography. Price : L. 9900.

Tribe Magazine Italy 08/2001Tribe Magazine Italy CD-Rom 08/2001

*Sharleen on the cover of the Telegraph Magazine (UK, 10/03/2001), in a 3 page feature in 'Fashion Rocks!' supplement.

Telegraph Magazine March 2001Telegraph Magazine March 2001

*Sharleen on the cover of 'You' (from The Mail on Sunday, edition of 14 January 2001.

You January 2001You January 2001

*Sharleen in the australian magazine Outrage with 6 pages and 8 pictures.

*Sharleen on the cover of Samsonic a dutch magazine with pictures and an interview.

Samsonic November 2000

*Sharleen is in this weeks Heat magazine (28 Oct - 3 Nov) with pictures and quotes.

*The edition of 'The Times' of Saturday 21th Oct. had a free Texas CD-Rom (with full studio and live tracks, biography, trailer, desktop wallpaper) !!!

The TimesThe TimesThe Times Cdrom



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